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Off-road vehicles are an essential tool for transport across rough terrain and working on difficult land. We offer sales and support for Suzuki ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) or quad bikes.

Suzuki ATV

Not limited to working in agriculture Suzuki ATVs are also popular for forestry, gamekeeping, leisure and other land-based industry applications. We also supply various accessories and equipment specifically designed for these vehicles, which open up their potential to accomplish a wide range of tasks.


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The origins of Suzuki were founded by Michio Suzuki in the small southern coastal village of Hamamatsu in Japan in 1909 – originally as a Loom Works. A project of diversification began in 1937 with the manufacture of small cars. Production of vehicles and two wheeled motorcycles continued to develop and the import of Suzuki motor vehicles into the UK began in 1963. In 1983 the Quadrunner 125, the very first four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, was released. This significant piece of manufacturing history began the era of four-wheelers and transformed the ATV industry.

The comprehensive range of Suzuki ATV models from the Ozark 250 right up to the powerful KingQuad 750 not only meets the requirements of the agricultural customer, but also fits perfectly with other working applications such as game shooting and the equestrian to name but two. The Ozark 250 provides dependable, all-day-long transport around the farm or estate and at 246cc this model has more than enough capacity to tow trailers and small engine driven implements, with the added benefit of light weight and steering. Next in the range is the KingQuad 400 comprising of a 376cc engine with selectable 2-wheel and QuadMatic 4-wheel drive plus high and low ratios. With a choice of five-speed manual or fully automatic transmission plus twin-shock rear suspension for all-day rider comfort, this mid-range model is a very popular choice. For the higher power requirement the KingQuad 500 at 493cc offers toughness with easy handling. Rider comfort on this robust model is achieved through fully independent suspension with the option of electric Power Steering for additional comfort if your particular application requires it. Finally, and built for the toughest environments is the KindQuad 750 at 722cc also with fully independent suspension with 5-way adjustable preload settings and electric power steering as standard. In addition to the range of utility quad bikes, there are also two junior QuadSport models for the ‘younger’ sporting customer.

Whatever nature of your land or enterprise, you want an ATV that will get you wherever the work takes you – in all weathers over all terrain. With a Suzuki ATV you get that, plus all the features necessary to allow you to concentrate on the job and rely on your bike to put in as many hours as you do. With a two year unlimited millage warranty, free courtesy ATV during servicing and repair, plus the CESAR security system by Datatag as standard – you can also rest assured that a Suzuki ATV is well protected from theft and failures. Suzuki is known worldwide for its quality, durability and value traits which extend right through to their ATV range, giving a product that needs nothing else but for you to jump on and experience the Suzuki ‘Way of Life’.

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